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Creating Impact Through Community-Based Solutions

We are a client-centered firm committed to creating impact through community-based solutions. We bring over 25 years experience and a unique interdisciplinary perspective of healthy communities including community planning, social work, health care, public health and community development. We help our clients analyze the big picture, identify local level impacts, and design community-based solutions.

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Client Centered Consultation

Consulting is relationship driven, we believe in tailoring our approach to your organization’s capacity, needs and vision.

Our conversation may begin with “We need a strategic plan. ” Yet, by taking some time to explore the organization’s current environment, projected changes in funding, policy, staffing and more, we can more carefully craft a plan of action that will build on your organization’s strengths. We bring to every engagement, a depth of experience working across sectors such as social service, public health, housing, community development, aging, health care and more. We understand the complexities of rapidly evolving funding and policy environments and bring our decades of experience with leveraging resources through innovative partnerships and approaches.

Strategic Planning

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Coalition Building

Community Outreach
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