The IRS Scandal, Day 1251: O’Reilly Calls For A Special Prosecutor

During his most recent televised rant, Bill O’Reilly said a huge scandal can potentially explode within the Justice Department. He added that many Americans are confident that the intervention was in during investigations into the IRS’ targeting of republican groups and Hillary Clinton’s private email server. O’Reilly noted that former IRS employee Lois Herner was neve…

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New Research On Inequality: ‘Whatever You Thought, It’s Worse’

The income inequality and its slow but steady progress since the years following the Great Recession are often mentioned alongside the Tax Code issues. Social mobility, the amount that a typical American moves up or down the economic ladder from where their parents and grandparents previously were, has gained traction and became by now a major focus of socio…

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Why Trump’s 1995 Taxes Release Was Illegal

Some of you might remember the constant issues with Trump’s taxes, coming up here and there in the election campaign’s cycle… But for those of you who were glad to read some pages of his tax returns way back from 1995, lawyers and accountants have one word for you – confidentiality! Trump’s Accountant/Lawyer Committed ‘”Horrific”‘ Violation Of Legal And Professional Ethics In Discussing His Tax Returns With Media..