LinkAGES Colorado is one of Aging-Dynamics’ most comprehensive and impactful efforts to date beginning with facilitating a community wide collaborative strategic planning process in Denver, Colorado. The outcome of which was a vision for addressing social isolation through creating opportunities for meaningful connections across ages. To achieve this vision, three core tenets were established: commitment to collaboration; evaluating impact and building the capacity of organizations to do more intergenerational programming. Following the completion of strategic planning, Aging-Dynamics was contracted to develop, facilitate and manage  this innovative, multi-sector, backbone supported collaborative which is redefining how conscious collaboration supported by flexible funding, program evaluation and robust technical assistance can have measurable impact on individuals, organizations and communities. 

Key impacts and accomplishments include:

    • Recognized for innovative approach: In 2019, LinkAGES was recognized by Generations United, a national organization focused on intergenerational collaboration, as a program of the highest quality. The LinkAGES initiative was awarded the Program of Distinction, a three-year designation.
    • Intentional intergenerational programming including people ages 5 months to 96 years through partnerships with organizations spanning: 
      • Social services
      • Long term care
      • Affordable housing
      • Academic institutions
      • Schools (preschool to university)
      • Religious groups
      • Public libraries
      • Arts and culture institutions
    • Evaluation of all LinkAGES programs and the Collaborative concept: assessing impact on social isolation, ageism and increasing capacity of member organizations. 
    • Capacity building opportunities for member organizations in: 
      • Partnering and collaborating
      • Developing intergenerational programs
      • Data collection and application of evaluation learnings
      • Leveraging resources and funding
    • Flexible program funding: Grant fund management by Aging-Dynamics. As of February 1, 2021, $287,000 awarded for intergenerational programming through LinkAGES; $215,650 additional dollars leveraged through matching grants and member investment.