Aging-Dynamics is committed to community-based solutions as demonstrated through this project, focused on identifying and removing barriers for older adult participation in the Denver Art Museum’s in person and online programming.
We did this through: 

    • Aligning research objectives with the overall vision and goals of their programming clarifying how the data will be used both short and long term.
    • Designing, conducting and synthesizing feedback from four community listening sessions and follow up surveys.
    • Recruiting diverse older adults ages 50+, grandparents raising grandchildren, recently retired and still employed, based on geography (Denver and surrounding mountain areas); and more.

Key accomplishments of this project included:

    • A clear understanding of barriers and opportunities for improvement to Denver Art Museum access (building and online programming) by older adults.
    • Identifying ways to work across internal departments to expand existing family and adult programming offering more robust multi-generational experiences.
    • Quickly adapting community engagement in light of the Covid-19 pandemic to be inclusive of both those with access to technology and those without. We offered four different ways to participate and provide input.
    • Strengthened relationships with key community partners.